Specifics on the virtual conference will soon be sent out to all members and will be updated on our website!

Attention CASCWA Members and Friends

On September 11th, the CASCWA State Executive Board took action to purchase a Zoom program that can be utilized by each section throughout the year for individual events.  But more importantly, the program will be the foundation for our "Virtual State Conference" scheduled for April 26 & 27, 2021 and hosted by our Southern Section.

Rick Riegel, Southern Section President, immediately brought together his conference team and directed them to prepare for the event

.to be for July 5th, there will be several changes and additions made to the CASCWA Website.  Please have patience.  We hope to have the changes completed within 3-4 weeks.  You will especially like the additions of the Legislation and State SARB pages!

Southern Section Fall Workshop October 28, 2020

For the past several years, Southern Section has hosted a fall workshop at the Knott's Berry Farm Hotel in Buena Park.  This year will be different!

This year Southern Section be holding a virtual zoom workshop on October 28th.  PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Plans are underway to host a three part workshop that will be focusing  current issues regarding:  (1) Equity,  (2) Student Discipline and (3) School Attendance.

There will be no charge for this year's October workshop and it is open to all professionals in our fields!

We will need to have all attendees to register and the registration process will start around the end of the first week in October.  A notice will be sent out to all our members and friends that will include the names of the presenters and specific information on their presentation.

We look forward to getting back to you and hope to see you on zoom!

The 2020-21 school year is here!

The Coronavirus crisis has been unbelievable!  The crisis is worldwide.  The United States and California have been seriously impacted.  It will take time to recover and there is a great amount of uncertainty as to what is ahead for California's Educators.

Tony Thurmond and the California Department of Education has released an outstanding document entitled, "Stronger Together - A Guide Book for the Safe Reopening of California's  Public Schools.

Click below for the link to the California Department of Education's home page.  The link to download the full document is in the middle on the top of the page. 

The Link is: 

CDE Weekly Update

Each Friday, there is a news releases and correspondence from Tony Thurmond, State Superintendent of Public Instruction related to Coronavirus (COVID-19).  We are placing this on our website for all our members and friends (Click below).



At the July 10th CASCWA State Executive Board Meeting, the topic of district compliance on several mandates was discussed.  The board members stated that we need to communicate several mandates to make certain that our members and friends are aware of the specifics of several main compliance mandates.  In the next few days, they will be sending their thoughts and we will soon be placing the information below:

The following sign and postings per ed code are required (Click on the bill below):

AB 34- James Ramos- Bullying reporting  policies and procedures must be posted on the front page of the local school district website. 

AB 9- Seth's Law- Bullying policies reporting and procedures must be posted in all school offices, faculty lounges, and ASB rooms.

Homeless- Poster- Must be posted at the office- Mckinney Vento Law

Dan Martin of the Los Banos USD provided the following examples of notifications to share with our members and friends:

Homeless Flier Sp Los Banos USD.pdf;  Homeless Flier Sp Los Banos USD.pdf;  LBUSD Community Resources.pdf;  LBUSD Community Resources - Spanish.docxLegal Notice for Pupils and Parent- Bullying.pdf;  Legal Notice for Pupils and Parent- Bullying Sp.pdf;  Sexual harassment example poster for 9-12.pdf;  

48240. (a) The governing board of each school district and each county superintendent of schools shall appoint a supervisor of attendance and any assistant supervisors of attendance as may be necessary to supervise the attendance of pupils in the school district or county.

The truancy mandates are EC Sections 48260.5 (First Notification Mandate) and 48262 (Habitual Truant Mandate). Both mandates are found on the CDE Truancy web page at: tps://

Jeni Mendel's Bookmarks

One of the most visited pages of CASCWA's newsletter, "The Intercom", is Jeni Mendel's Bookmarks.  Jeni is our state president.  She is one of the most well connected ladies in the State of California.  She serves on several panels and boards.  Jeni is well know in the San Diego area, throughout Southern California and at the state level. 

She meets key individuals daily and she is constantly sending emails to our executive board members listing website links and important documents.  The CASCWA webmasters are adding a page for "Jeni Mendel's Bookmarks."  We hope you will find this page useful.

Joe Brucia's Terrific Leadership Power Pages

Joe Brucia spent his career in education.  He served on CASCWA's Executive Boards for several years.  He is a past San Joaquin Section President and CASCWA State President.  He put together "Joe Brucia's Terrific Leadership Power Pages"  several years ago, and the thoughts  in this 91 page updated document, are as relevant today, as they were when first published.  The link to this booklet is below, but we will soon be making the link to the "Anthony Brucia Scholarship Page" that is currently being updated.  The CASCWA webmasters recognize the importance of these "Power Pages" and we hope that you will read them and reflect upon your daily work!

Click Here:  Leadership Powerpages...Success is

Important CASCWA Update

There has been significant activities throughout the state at the start of the 2020-21school year.

The webmasters have decided to update this section of our webpage and will soon be uploading new information.

CASCWA's Professional Development Focus

CASCWA is an organization comprised of practitioners and educational experts who are dedicated to improving school climate, safety, increasing school attendance, reducing chronic absenteeism, increase graduation rates, and addressing social justice inequities. We have established ourselves as the State leaders in professional development in the area of student services.


CASCWA is proud of the history of the organization that is preserved in the past editions of the Intercom,

Click here for the September 2020 current edition!


Brian Chandler will go down in “CASCWA History” as one of “CASCWA Greatest State Presidents!”  He will also be remembered as the 2020 CASCWA Lee Lundberg Award Recipient. The most prestigious CASCWA award!

Brian was in charge of Ceres USD Campus Police Program.  He became a member of the San Joaquin Section.  He became our webmaster.  Eventually, he worked his way through the levels and became their section president and then on to the 2018-19 CASCWA State Presidency where he was awesome!

Brian’s love has always been in law enforcement.  In the spring of 2020, he left Ceres USD and became a member of the police department in the City of Ceres.  Brian will continue to be part of CASCWA.  We wish him well in his new career.  Thank you Brian   for all that you have done for CASCWA! 


Virtual State CONFERENCE Coming

April 26th & 27th



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