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Thursday  August 31, 2017

A Comprehensive Attendance Process Tier 1-Tier 3

Dr. Dennis Wiechmann:  Sanger Unified School District

Sanger Unified has garnered national recognition for its work in educating all students and being one of the few districts in the State of California that was able to exit Program Improvement status.  Part of Sanger’s success has been it’s focus on increasing student attendance including identified sub groups.  If students are not in their seats….. they can not learn or benefit from any services the school or district has to offer.  Sanger Unified has established a comprehensive approach to supporting student attendance.  These services will be presented from a school perspective up to the district level Model SARB process.



Enrollment Residency & Transfers

Sherman Garnett:  Garnett & Associate

If you do not know the legal rights of students, you will after this session.  Sherman Garnett will present the legalities of student enrollment, residency issues, and transfers.  He will focus on what districts need to do to support foster and homeless students and will cover all of the current legislative changes that are coming for this school year.


19 Ways To Graduate

SARB Board Information Pamphlet English


Carlos Da Silval:  Epoch Education

Explore the world of microaggressions through the lens of implicit bias, what they look like and how they impact us throughout our lives.  Get in touch with your own responses, bias and practice ways to confront microaggressions when they occur and build capacity to challenge them in a compassionate manner.

Every Student, Every Day- Tips for Continuous Improvement

Erica Peterson: SIA

Attendance is fundamental to student success. This session examines strategies to create a culture of showing up where learning time improves and parent interaction increases. Attendees will come away with an understanding of what’s required to enhance school culture, engage parents, and encourage the habit of showing up.

Immigration Enforcement, Students & School Safe Havens

Joshua Whiteside: Lozano Smith

California is the most diverse State in the Nation.  Current political trends have put many of the families that we work with in a position where they are uncertain of government agencies and may look to the schools for direction.   This session will address school districts legal authority and obligations in the context of immigration and immigration enforcing.   It is possible to be supportive of your families while not putting yourself in legal jeopardy.   This session will separate out fact from conjecture relating to Immigration enforcement.  


Immigration Enforcement, Students & School Safe Havens PowerPoint


Friday September 1, 2017

Increasing Cognitive Attention & Improving Student Behavior

Dr. Erin Dolin:  Clovis Unified School District

Dr. Dolin is an expert in behavioral interventions and using the neuroscience of movement in classrooms to increase attention and engagement for increased academic performance and reduction of behavior problems. Her techniques and strategies are complementary to classroom and school wide efforts to increase learning, reduce disruptive behavior, and support SWPBIS and SEL programs.  As an occupational therapist she has a unique perspective to learning and behavioral interventions. This session will provide strategies that any teacher or administrator can use to change a classroom.  You will receive new strategies to help support teachers and increase classroom management for all students. 


PowerPoint Presentation

Increasing Cognitive Attention & Improving Student Behavior PowerPoint

Joint presentation

Trauma Informed Practices

Jennifer Johnson: CSU Stanislaus

Trauma can have a direct, immediate, and potentially overwhelming impact on the ability of  a child to learn. Yet, this issue has largely been ignored by our education system. Educators can begin to understand the role of trauma, its effect on children and learning, and how educators can change methods of interacting and responding to children impacted by trauma. By adopting a trauma-informed approach, schools undertake a paradigm shift at the staff and organizational level to recognize, understand and address the learning needs of children impacted by trauma. This requires a commitment to shaping school culture, practices, and policies to be sensitive to the needs of traumatized learners. This effort positively impacts schools and changes the life-trajectory of vulnerable students.

Trauma Informed Practices Power Point

Focus Program Resource

Vicki Bauman: The Focus Group

Research shows that prolonged exposure to violence and trauma can seriously undermine a child's ability to learn, form relationships and focus appropriately in the classroom.  Our Focusing On Children Under Stress (FOCUS) Program is designed to decrease the effects of a child's exposure to violence and trauma.  FOCUS will help children achieve academically at their highest levels despite any traumatic circumstance(s) they may have endured.

Gang and Drug Trends in California

Miguel Villalobos: Ceres P.D.

This session will provide an overview of the current drug trends and gang trends in the Central Valley and State of California.  These are pressing issues that all schools must be aware of and have plans to address.  The opioid epidemic, prescription drug abuse, and legalized marijuana have all effected our schools.  These illegal activities provide an avenue for gang influences in our schools and communities.  You need to be aware of the warning signs and how to intervene.


Effective PBIS: PACE Academy

John Luis: SCOE

This overview presentation on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports will help inform school administrators and other staff/faculty members on the benefits and process for implementation. We will discuss how the PBIS framework offers an effective model for building up a multi-tiered system of support to provide students with a full scope of services that build school climate while fostering student success and wellness.

 Effective PBIS: PACE Academy

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