What is CASCWA

California Association of Supervisors of Child Welfare and Attendance is an organization comprised of school and community professionals who are dedicated to improving school climate, safety, and increasing school attendance.  We create a network of professional support, mentors and educators, and we influence relevant legislation and advocate for the needs of students, families, and schools. 

Our organization includes four regional sections of California:

  • Bay Section 
  • Delta-Sierra Section 
  • San Joaquin Section 
  • Southern Section

CASCWA State Executive Board

This page provides information on the CASCWA State Executive Board.  In the main menu, you will find links to the executive boards for the Bay. Delta Sierra and Southern Sections. 


Welcome all CASCWA members and friends to our website.  My name is Jenifer Mendel and I am proud and excited to be this year’s State President. 

I am from the Southern Section of CASCWA where I attended my first State Conference in my home town of San Diego in 2004.  That conference was full of energy, phenomenally professional and the passion was amazing!  At that Conference, I decided I wanted to be a part of this amazing organization.  I have been honored by being nominated and serving in many roles in Southern Section and on the State Board. 

With this school year opening, there are still many uncertainties with how the education of our youth will be accomplished.  Many District’s have opted to open in a totally virtual format and others are returning youth to their campuses within the guidelines of the State Superintendent.    CASCWA will be doing all that they can to continue to share information on our website and in our Intercom that we receive on best practices, what is found to be working and not working in order to provide you a place ​ you can count on to have the most current updates and ideas. While things may not ever again be the same in how we educate our youth, we still need to provide the best opportunity to every youth to reach their fullest potential and create a future for themselves and CASCWA is honored to help with this goal in any way we can.

Our web team is continuing to update our CASCWA.org website with the most up to date legislative information, links and information to the professional information manuals produced by S4, Sherman Garnett and Associates, Dora and Nancy Dome and may others.  You will also find a direct link to CDE which contains the State SARB Handbook, updates from our State Superintendent as well as important links to resources that might be helpful to you. These partners continue to provide us so many avenues to share information with our members. In all 4 sections of CASCWA you will find ongoing trainings and workshops that will assist you in your day to day activities of your chosen careers. All of our four sections and State board members are posted on our website.  This includes email contact information and they would be honored to answer any questions you may have.

We are still heartbroken that we had to cancel our 2020 State Conference due to the COVID 19 guidelines. With COVID 19 guidelines still in place, vaccine not yet available, the State budget as it is, and with District’s needing to be mindful of their expenditures, Southern Section has decided that they will be providing a virtual conference to our state membership in April 2021.  

I am excited that Southern Section has chosen to be mindful of all of the concerns and going with the virtual format.  I am confident that they will put together an amazing 2 days in April 2021 so please continue to check on our website for the updates and registration.

Through our newsletter, the Intercom, you can find articles posted of current concerns, best practices,  and what our 4 CASCWA sections are up to. As a member of CASCWA you will be receiving a copy of the Intercom electronically multiple times a year. 

We invite all to become members of the legacy that is CASCWA. We welcome and need all of your expertise.  Your diversity and the sharing of information is what makes CASCWA strong, so please join this 84 year old organization of truly dedicated people and help us help all those who work with youth! Please click on the Membership link to find out how.

If you are working in the fields of child welfare and attendance, you are special.  You are making a difference in today's world and positively impacting the future of tomorrow. 

May you find 2020-21 and your partnership with CASCWA to be truly rewarding!


Jeni Mendel

A few words from Jenny about her background:Jenifer Mendel, Dropout Prevention Specialist, retired from the Grossmont Union High School District (GUHSD) in San Diego County after 38+ years of service.  The last 13 years I served the District as their Child Welfare and Attendance Coordinator.  I served on the Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board for the County from 2009 – 2014 at which point San Diego County combined the Mental Health Board and the Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board developing Behavioral Health Advisory Board which I have served on that since its inception in 2015. I was appointed to the Juvenile Justice Commission in 2017 by the Juvenile Preceding Judge and I have just been reappointed for another 4 years.   

Youth Community Court is also a rewarding program I am involved in. I became a member of the State SARB in 2011 enhancing my connection with CDE. In 2008 I first became a Southern Executive Board member, I have had the honor of holding the positions of Regional Rep, VP, President Elect and President.  On the State CASCWA Executive Board I have held the positions of Legislative Rep, VP, President Elect and now am honored to by the current CASCWA State President. 

Being a part of CASCWA has given me the support, training and resources to enable me to be the best CWA that I could be and to provide GUHSD all that they needed for supporting youth. Please consider joining CASCWA, if you are not already a member, to have the amazing experience I have had with this 85 year standing organization with all they have to offer you on your pathway.

CASCWA's 2020-21 State Executive Board Meeting Dates and Minutes

July 10th 2020 CASCWA State Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

4. July 2020 CASCWA State Board Meeting Minutes.docx

September 11 2020 CASCWA State Board Meeting Agenda.docx

CASCWA's2020-21 State Executive Board Meeting Dates and Minutes

July 10, 2020  - Meeting in Progress

CASCWA State Executive Board 2020-21

Jeni Mendel

CASCWA State President

Grossmont HSD Retired


Melissa Parrett

CASCWA President Elect

Nevada County Superintendent of Schools


Dr. Kevin Torosian

CASCWA Vice President

Central USD


Evelyn Ocasio

CASCWA Past President

Hayward USD


Michelle Walsh

CASCWA Secretary

Vista USD


Robin Gainey

CASCWA Treasurer

Mojave USD


Tom Mangione


Los Angeles USD Retired


Dennis Wiechmann

Board Advisor

Sanger USD


Dr. DiShawn Givens

Bay Section President

Hayward USD


Melissa Parrett

 Delta Sierra President

Nevada County Superintendent of Schools


Praxides Torres

San Joaquin President

Parlier USD


Rick Riegel

Southern President

Placentia Yorba Linda USD


David Kopperud

CDE & State SARB

California Department of Education - Education Programs Consultant


Sherman Garnett

Southern Section Legislative Chair

San Bernardino County


Dan Martin

Central Legislative Representative

Los Banos


Allen Dosty

Central Legislative Representative

Lodi USD


Erica Peterson

SI&A Representative

School Innovation & Achievement


Brian Chandler

Law Enforcement Representative

Ceres Police Department


Jennifer Gomez Trejo

State SARB Representative

Student Support Services Solutions, Inc.


Bob Mueller


San Diego COE


Andrew Kevy

Website Advisor

Director of CWA at Hayward USD


Jennifer Kottke

Co-Intercom Editor & Los Angeles COE Representative



Frank Boehler

Co-Intercom Editor & Website Advisor

Orange USD Retired


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