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At the end of each school year, CASCWA's number one priority is to recognize graduating seniors who have overcome adversity and will be continuing with their education in the fall.  The Coronavirus crisis has had an impact on our 2020 scholarship process.  Specifically, each section was unable to have the normal application process and the end of the year ceremonies could not be held.  Each section proceeded with scholarship selections.  As we update the website, we will be adding information from each section on what they managed to deliver to these incredible students to help them as they proceed with their education and future plans.

Student scholarships are given out each year by all four sections of CASCWA. Visit each section pages to learn more about the rich history of these scholarship programs. Each year, over $10,000 is given out statewide to students who have overcome adversity to graduate and our continuing with their education.


The students we want to recognize and honor are those who may have had to overcome lack of success early on due to personal or family problems, attendance or discipline issues. These students may have benefited from the intervention of a school counselor, community agency, or a child welfare and attendance worker.

Please help us to reach deserving students who are working against the odds to improve themselves. This may be a student who might not necessarily be attending a four-year college but attending a community college or a vocational program.

If anyone knows of a student who is deserving of this honor, please contact Bay Scholarship Chairperson, Janet McMurray at for any additional  scholarship program information.  

Bay Section  has awarded 12 - $500 scholarship awards to a very deserving group of students with compelling stories who have overcome unique obstacles and hardships,  Due to Covid-19, Bay Section was unable to hold a Spring Workshop where we honored our Scholarship recipients

The following is a list of our 2019-20 awardees:

Vianey Villanueva - Pajaro Valley USD, Natalia Schofield - Konocti USD, Deyanira Cardenas - Konocti USD, Joshua Avery - Berkeley USD, Cesar Castillo,  - Newark USD, Joann Chang - San Francisco USD, Kathy Dao - San Francisco USD, Liliana Garcia - Konocti USD, Cynthia Gomez - Hayward USD, Alan Yahir Lopez Cervantes - WCCUSD, Abigail Rickli - Liberty Union, and Avery Rickli - Liberty Union.

Congratulations to all!

Janet McMurray

Scholarship Chair

Information on the 2020-21 Scholarship program and application process will be placed on our website following the beginning of the school year!


The annual Richard C. Davis scholarship was established by the Delta Sierra Section of the California Association of Supervisors Child Welfare and Attendance to recognize the contributions Rich Davis has made to the association and for the enduring services he has rendered to school age students.

Two $1000 scholarships are awarded annually to a Continuation or Alternative school graduate who is planning to continue their education in college or a vocational training school. The scholarship award was designed to recognize the resiliency of a student who has overcome personal obstacles to graduate from high school. 

Delta Sierra is proud to announce the offering of a recurring scholarship opportunity to previous Richard C. Davis Scholarship recipients. To re-apply for the Richard C. Davis Scholarship, students must still be attending college or a vocational training school to be considered.

Richard Davis Scholarship 2019.pdf

Information on the 2020-21 Scholarship program and application process will be placed on our website following the beginning of the school year!



The Anthony Brucia Success Awards are the heart of the San Joaquin section of CASCWA. They are named after a high school graduate who found success. 

CASCWA’s San Joaquin section is made up of Central California school professionals who work with students in areas of attendance, truancy or behavior matters.

By providing cash awards and scholarships, we recognize those students who, through hard work and support, made the commitment and succeeded in improving their character.   They “turned it around.”  

We urge school staff in comprehensive, alternative or charter schools to help identify and assist those students who are applying for these grants.  For the students who win this award, it represents a belief in them, recognition of their achievements, and commitment to their future.  Additional and helpful information can be found on theAnthony Brucia Success Awards page.

This year, our San Joaquin Section's scholarship recipients are Araya Stone Bencoma of Big Pine HS, Abigail Halsey of Lemoore Middle College, Jose Romaldo of  Parlier HS, Madeline May of Mesquite HS and Kyleigh Austin of Templeton HS.                   

Each recipient received a $1,000 scholarship, and is eligible to receive $1,000/year for four years if they remain enrolled in school in good standing.  We also gave each of the winners a $100 gift card to go out and celebrate their accomplishment in lieu of our inability to gather for our annual scholarship luncheon.

Information on the 2020-21 Scholarship program and application process will be placed on our website following the beginning of the school year!


CASCWA Southern Section:  In the 1990’s, the Southern Section scholarship program was launched under the leadership of Karen Saunders, Agnes Moss and Mark Michels. Rick Riegel, Child Welfare and Attendance, Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District, is to be commended for his exceptional leadership in coordinating all Southern Section scholarship activities for the past several years. We encourage all of our members to nominate students who have overcome adversity and are pursuing their dreams of a high education and a successful career.

We are working on he The 2020-21 Scholarship information and application form.  It will be placed here on the website soon.

Congratulations to Hasan and Courtney, winners of the 2020 scholarship! Hasan was placed on a Student Attendance Review Board contract in 2016. With the support of the program, he has overcome many personal difficulties and will now graduating on time from Santana High School. He wants to pursue a career in medicine with the goal of eventually becoming a doctor and assisting others like himself in his community. Courtney began receiving truancy intervention services at her current school, IDEA Center, in 2018. She is also graduating this year on time and intends to attend college to pursue a degree in the arts.  We also wish to thank Deputy Probation Officer Jennifer Seltenright for personally delivering the scholarship awards.  A special "Thank You" to Cara Chavez for heading up our 2020 Scholarship Program.

Information on the 2020-21 Scholarship program and application process will be placed on our website following the beginning of the school year!

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