9th Annual SCOE SARB Workshop
Prevention to Intervention
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Thursday August 30, 2019

 Aspects of a Model Truancy Program                     

This presentation will feature Stanislaus County Office of Education's model SARB process.  This presentation will provide an outline on how to structure your attendance procedures to address tiered support for truancy, attendance, behavior, and social emotional learning.  Stanislaus County and it’s partnering districts are one of the first County Office of Education to receive the Model SARB recognition.  You do not have to reinvent the wheel, come learn from the experts.



Enrollment Residency & Transfers Sherman Garnett

If you do not know the legal rights of students, you will after this session.  Sherman Garnett will present the legalities of student enrollment, residency issues, and transfers.  He will focus on what districts need to do to support foster and homeless students and will cover all of the current legislative changes that will take affect in the 2018-2019 school year.


Feed the Children

A Comprehensive Approach to Kern High School District’s Truancy and Outreach Program Bryan Campoy

This presentation will highlight a large high school-only district’s approach to collecting and reporting attendance data and reduce truancy and chronic absenteeism using a multi-step approach. The presenters will provide a roadmap for getting truant students back on track utilizing interventions, attendance data, and a detailed process on student outreach.

Link for Comprehensive Approach to Kern High Schools Materials

Copy of Saturday School Attendance Register excell.xlsx

Saturday School Procedures.docx

Saturday School Sample Register.pdf

Copy of Saturday School Staffing Summary for Site Administration.xlsx


FOCUS POWERPOINT (1-24-17).pptx

Successful Parent Engagement Strategies

Attendance is fundamental to student success. This session examines strategies to create a culture of “showing up” so that learning time improves and parent interaction increases. Attendees will come away with an understanding of what’s required to enhance school culture, engage parents, and encourage the habit of “showing up”.

Trusting Family Partnerships.pptx


 Effective SART Strategies

School Attendance Review Team (SART) meetings provide our most important opportunity to reduce chronic absenteeism.  Effective strategies for maximizing our potential impact at this early stage can make the critical difference between improving attendance, or pushing parents and students into later stages of the SARB process.  This workshop will include an analysis of the impact of absenteeism and will highlight some outstanding practices for SART meetings. 


Friday August 31, 2019

Trauma Informed Practices        

Trauma can have a direct, immediate, and potentially overwhelming impact on the ability of a child to learn. Yet, this issue has largely been ignored by our education system. Educators can begin to understand the role of trauma, its effect on children and learning, and how educators can change methods of interacting and responding to children impacted by trauma. By adopting a trauma-informed approach, schools undertake a paradigm shift at the staff and organizational level to recognize, understand and address the learning needs of children impacted by trauma. This requires a commitment to shaping school culture, practices, and policies to be sensitive to the needs of traumatized learners. This effort positively impacts schools and changes the life-trajectory of vulnerable students.

Trauma Informed Practice Presentation



Ask the Experts Panel Selected Conference Presentert

This is an attendee driven session.  If you have questions that were not answered during the conference this will be your chance to ask the experts and get your questions answered.  Our panel will consisted of legal experts, district experts, and state experts.  The experts will be able to give you various perspectives including the “legal answer”, the “state answer” and the “district answer”.  Sometimes they all agree and sometimes there are different approaches to solving different problems.  


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